International FlightsWhereas investigating the prices of flights to Antalya – a follow with which I am quite acquainted, since buying an apartment some 60 km from the airport, I discovered that one can typically get monetary savings by electing to fly by way of Istanbul. On two completely different occasions passengers in the first class cabin spoke to the flight attendant about an unresponsive and ill looking pilot sitting subsequent to them. When the stewardess went to speak to the pilot, he vanished before their eyes in entrance of her and quite a few passengers. An Eastern Airlines Vice-president pre-boarded a L-1011 aircraft and noticed a captain sitting in firstclass. He sat with the pilot and began holding a conversation with him, earlier than it slowly dawned on him that he was speaking with Captain Loft (whom he had identified). The captain disappeared whereas the Vice-president’s voice faltered and panic set … Read more

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