You Travelled the World and the Seven Seas and Everybody’s Looking for Something

You travelled the world and the seven seas and everybody’s looking for something – may that something be Denver, Colorado tours provided by Explorer Denver Tour? It most definitely can! The city has a lot to offer in terms of places to visit. Choose anything from the list of fun things to do in Denver from our website and you will surely be left satisfied with your choice.

We held tours in small, comfortable groups so you won’t miss on anything during your trip. In case you’d like it to be an even closer circle – you can book a private tour with us as well – corporate, family or friends are welcome at all times.

Fun activities within the city 

We gladly welcome you to visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science – one of the most attractive sites in the city. It holds permanent as well as special exhibition, possesses an IMAX screen and a Planetarium, so all things necessary to make you catch your breath. The Planetarium offers an out of this world experience which you surely wouldn’t like to miss, especially if you are visiting with kids – get them fascinated by science in the most fun way possible!

Hiking trails

Outdoor activities in Denver’s neighborhoods are truly amazing – they offer not only recreation for the body, but also for the soul. Relax and take it easy in the Garden of Gods, Denver Foothills or while glancing down on the beautiful scenery up on the Mount Evans. The last one mentioned is famous for its Scenic Byway – a place where nature and you may come together as whole. It is in fact America’s highest paved road provided with numerous lookout points, so you may appreciate the landscapes during the whole walk.

Experience the unimaginable by going to our website and booking a trip with us:!

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