As the largest city in the United States with its entertainment center, there are also low-budget hotel here that you can make a place to stay during your vacation. Which are cheap hotels in New York that are close to exciting entertainment centers? Here are some recommendations.

1. Yotel Times Square New York

The first cheap hotel recommendation in New York that you can choose is Yotel, which is around Times Square. The uniqueness as well as the main attraction is its location in the same building which contains the Signature Theater. Of course, this is perfect for those of you who want to stay overnight and relax while watching theatre.
For those of you who want to relax with your family, there is a restaurant and lounge here. The food served is Mediterranean style food. Besides Time Square, another cool place around the hotel is Madison Square Garden. This place is often used for various events such as watching NBA club basketball matches, New York Knicks, world boxing matches, to music performances.

2. The Ace

The next recommendation is The Ace New York. The highlight of this hotel is the bed which gives off a loft feel. This uniqueness is the main attraction and the interior design is very contemporary and has elements of art. So it’s no wonder that this hotel is attracting a lot of attention from tourists or travelers because they want something different.
Regarding the location, this hotel is quite strategic because there is the Empire State Building and Times Square in the vicinity. Apart from that, The Ace is very close to famous malls in New York, so it is suitable for you shopping lovers, especially fashion products.

3. The Jane

The Jane Hotel is one of the cheap hotels in New York which has a unique history. That said, before becoming a hotel, this place was a boarding house for most of the sailors there. It was even used as a shelter for the victims of the Titanic.
This two-star hotel will offer an unforgettable experience when you have a vacation in New York. This is because the room design and interior are very unique with a vintage feel. You can also rent a bicycle to explore interesting places around the hotel. For example, go to Hudson River Park, Whitney Museum of Art to Times Square.

4. The Pod

You could say The Pod Hotel is the best cheap hotel recommendation in New York for those of you who are on vacation with a limited budget. Carrying a classic interior, here there are 14 floors with futuristic room designs and brightly colored paint. From the hotel location you can also visit interesting places like Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Getting to the Statue of Liberty is not too far away and takes about 10 minutes by driving.

Have you chosen the right cheap hotel in New York that suits your needs for your next vacation? Remember, the prices offered at each hotel may change at any time. For this reason, you should frequently check it with online travel agents who have the best reputation.

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