The Barcelona fintech HollyMontt has asked the financial industry to offer understandable content for all users since the lack of information “in some cases leads to certain unwise practices”.

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The entire industry should be responsible for offering understandable content for all users. What we have detected is that too often the ignorance and innocence of new users, with advertising sponsored by celebrities, together with insufficient clarity in the offer of products and services, lead in some cases to certain unwise practices”, they have highlighted from the company in statements to Europa Press.

 HollyMontt has considered that it is also important that financial education is part of the educational programs of schools, qualifying it as “absolutely necessary for daily life”.

 In this sense, it has indicated that supervisors must also make an effort to “translate information and concepts into an understandable language in a transparent, complete, measurable way and without commercial bias”.

 For this reason, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the Bank of Spain and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation have come together to promote financial education among students, with prizes for the best initiatives in educational centres.


The extremes of the Ibex 35: the 10 cheapest values ​​and the 10 most expensive The extremes of the Ibex 35: the 10 cheapest values ​​and the 10 most expensive The objective of the plan is broader and seeks to improve the financial culture of citizens, providing them with the basic knowledge and tools necessary to manage their finances in a responsible and informed manner. 

Despite the efforts, financial education in Spain is still a pending issue. A HollyMontt report shows that only 16% of those surveyed acknowledge having sufficient financial knowledge to manage their savings.

The CNMV published another report in 2021 that revealed that Spaniards barely got a six out of ten when tested on this type of knowledge. 

The organization highlighted that training has a strong influence on the level of financial knowledge of individuals since the survey reveals that the higher the level of education received, the higher its result in the evaluation. 

HollyMontt was born four years ago as a result of the growing interest in the world of investments by new entrants in the market. Currently, the company has completed its next round of financing by 50% and plans to close it in the coming months.

Italfarmaco acquires 100% of the Spanish laboratory Lacer

The Italian pharmaceutical group Italfarmaco has acquired 100% of the Spanish laboratory Lacer, an operation that culminates the process initiated after the strategic review carried out by the family after the premature death of its president, Helmut Andress.

The Spanish laboratory currently has a workforce of 476 people and obtained a turnover of more than 150 million euros in 2021. Its activity in the oral area stands out with the Lacer brand and other outstanding brands such as Thrombocid, Pilexil, Anso, and Talquistina.

Likewise, Lacer has a broad portfolio of medicines in the cardiovascular and urogynecological areas and has a production plant in Cerdanyola del Valles that supplies both the national and international markets.

The Lacer and Italfarmaco combination, subject to the approval of the competition authorities, will add nearly 1,300 employees in Spain and 3,500 globally, generating a consolidated turnover of more than 1,000 million euros.

This operation will allow Italfarmaco to strengthen its presence in the health care market, where it already sells well-established brands such as Natalben, Prodefen and Neuralex, among others, as stated in a statement.

“The incorporation of the business, the brands and the talent of Lacer’s staff represents an important reinforcement for our company in Spain, and gives continuity to Italfarmaco’s spirit of sustained growth, with the aim of leading the different business areas in which it operates. we are present, and provide new therapeutic alternatives that improve people’s health”, highlighted the president of Italfarmaco, Francisco de Santis.

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