‘Very Slim’ Chance Luggage Will Reach Destination

  • A baggage handler at London Heathrow says this summer’s travel chaos is the worst they’ve ever seen.
  • The anonymous handler told the BBC they were “petrified” to go on holiday due to travel disruptions.
  • They added that the chance of bags making it to their destinations was “slim.”

A baggage handler at London’s Heathrow airport has said the chances of passengers’ bags making it to their destinations are “very slim.”

The handler told the BBC that the situation at Heathrow, one of Europe’s busiest airports, was “a shambles” and “manic.” They added that the disruptions made them afraid to travel.

The BBC said the baggage handler was employed by an airline and had been based at Heathrow for more than a decade. Speaking anonymously, the handler said this summer’s travel chaos was the worst they’d seen in their career.

“I’m petrified to go on holiday,” they

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Why Final Destination 5 Is the Best Movie in the Franchise

By the time the chaos actually occurs, we already know what’s going to happen. With the laser burning her eye, face, and hands, Olivia tears herself free. She finally gets up from the bed just as her friends, followed by the now-worried doctor, burst into the room, only to slip on a piece of dislodged equipment and fall through a window, plummeting down several stories and crashing on a car. The exact process by which Olivia died may have been a surprise, but the end was never in question. No one escapes Death.

This mixture of shock and expectation makes Final Destination 5 the best in the franchise. Where the first film introduced the clever premise of a serial killer movie without a serial killer, and where the second film improved on the model with kill sequences that still make people think twice about following a logging truck or trying

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Uncorked Tahoe Is Both A Destination Wine Bar And A Business Model For The 21st Century

Chris and Kel Barkman have deep roots in hospitality. He is a certified sommelier who worked in wine distribution for many years, and she studied at the California Culinary Academy and was a high-end events manager — and their combined talents come together in Uncorked Tahoea wine bar and shop with four locations, one of which happens to be one of the best restaurants in the region.

I met the convivial couple, and their adorable son Jack, at the Truckee location one weekday morning before opening time to discuss what makes their business so successful.

The aesthetic of the place is friendly and inviting, serious but decidedly un-stuffy, and I immediately recognized a few of my favorite imports on the shelves — a Cru Beaujolais and a Corsican classic I

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Bucs emerge as destination for veterans seeking elusive Super Bowl ring

TAMPA — Between them, Julio Jones, Kyle Rudolph and Akiem Hicks have made 10 Pro Bowls, appeared in 21 playoff games and started 399 times.

The other common denominator on their résumés: zero Super Bowl rings.

Three of the Bucs’ veteran signings this offseason — including Jones and Rudolph within the past 11 days — all entered training camp on the other side of age 30. They all signed one-year deals, too. And if everything goes right from their perspective, they’ll secure the elusive championship during that time.

“All of those negotiations, one of the top priorities that they had on their list was going to a team that they had a good chance of getting the ring,” general manager Jason Licht said Thursday. “And how they want to end their career — not necessarily end it this year, but have a chance before their career is over to win

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Joey Baker relishes last college destination at Michigan

Joey Baker may not have been the splashy transfer portal acquisition Terrence Shannon Jr. would have been, but he still brings a vital element to Michigan Wolverines basketball that was afternoon missed last year: three-point shooting.

Baker shot 40.5% from three last seasons in a reserve role under Coach Kat Duke. The Blue Devil captain graduated from Duke and announced his transfer to Michigan this summer.

A 6-foot-6 forward out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Baker will look for an increased opportunity at Michigan and one last chance at an NCAA Tournament run. On Tuesday, he spoke with Brian Boesch on the “Defend the Block,” podcast put out by Michigan athletics, to give his thoughts on his career and expectations moving forward.

Boesch started out by asking the very simple question: “Why Michigan?”

“I feel comfortable here,” said Baker. “It just felt like a place where I could see myself thriving

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