Tips for Traveling New Zealand With Camper Van

The first time I had the idea of ​​traveling to New Zealand aka New Zealand, I immediately knew that I wanted to explore with a camper van aka caravan. The reason is that as a traveler who likes to explore nature, a luxury vacation by staying at a hotel feels boring. If you use a camper van, you can get a unique and different feel from the style of traveling so far.

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Early in 2019, I finally succeeded in realizing my dream of traveling in New Zealand with a camper van! It turned out to be comfortable! Not what I imagined at first. This vehicle, which is more like a mobile house, has complete facilities, from toilets, beds, kitchens to dining tables. Check out my experience.

In this Kiwi Country, there are lots of local and foreign tourists who travel to various destinations by renting a camper van. No wonder you can find camper van rental companies easily throughout New Zealand.

They offer various types of camper vans with various facilities, ranging from affordable prices to luxurious and complete ones, of course the rental prices are exorbitant. If you have a vacation plan to New Zealand by renting a camper vam, there are a few things you should know in advance. Here is some information that you can read before starting your trip in New Zealand in a camper van.

Choose a Trusted Campervan Company

Actually, to be able to drive in New Zealand is very easy, you only need to have driving skills and a driver’s license. The SIM that you have is simply translated and equipped with the Sworn Translator facility. Later your SIM will only become one HVS sheet whose contents are exactly the same as what is written on the SIM. To get it, enough with a capital of about 60,000 rupiah per share. Driving in New Zealand is the same as in Indonesia, it’s very easy, the important thing is to pay attention to the speed limit and obey the traffic signs.

Camper vans or also known as motorhomes have several types that can be tailored to your needs. You can have a campervan with a capacity of 2,3,4, or 6 people. How to rent and choose it is very easy, you can do everything via the internet. One campervan rental company that is often recommended is Britz, which is already very well known there. Apart from Britz, there are also other camper van rental companies such as Wilderness, Jucy, Apollo, Iconic, Rockets, and several other companies. For more detailed tips on how to choose a campervan.

One of the advantages that makes Britz worthy to be chosen is its ease of drop off which can be in different places. For example, you want to pick up a campervan in Christchurch and then want to return it to Queenstown. Plus, free pick up and drop off to the airport which is quite helpful to save your transport costs to the airport.

The delivery process is also fairly simple, after you are picked up for free at the airport, then you will be escorted to the Britz Office closest to the airport, followed by the submission of the camper van booking code. One of the facilities offered by this company is the express return feature which allows you to return the campervan in a dirty condition. That is, you can return the campervan without draining the water, or without removing the contents of the dirt in the toilet cassette.

I myself at that time chose a camper van from the Spaceship company because the price was much cheaper than other companies. The camper van is not very new but it is very usable. Our camper van is called the Rocket. Very cute right? Because there is no pick-up facility from the airport, I had to walk to the Spaceship rental office for 20 minutes from the airport while dragging a 20 kg suitcase. But it’s okay for the sake of saving!

After signing, you will be escorted to the campervan that you will use, with a little explanation about how to drive the car. You will also be given a call center number that you can contact if you need assistance at any time regarding your tour and campervan rental.

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