7 Ways Technology Can Help Your Aparthotel Business

In recent times, migration or long travel journeys have become quite common among youth. They look for better educational institutes, workplaces, and travel opportunities, even if it means shifting away from home.

And these migrations, whether they are interstate or international, can cost a fortune. For the start, you require a suitable and affordable place for a long or permanent stay. 

And for such cases, aparthotels suffice all the needs.

Aparthotel (the ship name for apartment and hotel) provides such guests a comprehensive package that includes all the services required for stays of months or years, say kitchen, laundry, etc.

The best part is that the cost of staying at aparthotels can be often 25-30% lesser than staying at hotels. 

Because of these factors, aparthotels are making an important place in the hospitality industry and their scope is going to increase in the coming times.

To take the real benefit of this scenario, installing technology is a must for aparthotels.

Why Do Aparthotels Need Modern Technology?

The prime reason to invest in technology for your aparthotel is that guests love it.

Technology ensures that your guests have a seamless experience throughout their stay. Right from the moment they discover your apartment and make a booking with you, to the moment they check out, technology furnishes everything.  

As stated above, most of the people who opt for aparthotels are away from families, living alone or in groups. So one thing they appreciate and need the most is technology to make their daily chores and tasks easy and efficient. 

Apart from this, today’s generation works around the atmosphere of digital devices and technology so it is necessary to make the apartment appealing and relevant to them.

Hence, if you are an apartment owner or want to start a profitable aparthotel then you shouldn’t miss out on smart apartment technology. To help you, we have a list below with the latest ones.

7 Must-Have Technologies for Your Aparthotel

To make an apartment convenient and modern, there are some essential technologies. Read this section to know what they are, how they function, and how they help you please your guests.

1. Voice-controlled furnishing

Controlling things in your apartment through voice assistance overwhelms your guests. These things include electronic devices, television systems, furniture, and much more.

Voice-command recliners, to name one, can add up to your guests’ comfort and ease.

Also, you can substitute the manual use of switchboards with the magic of Siri!

This way your guests can just say, “Hey Siri! Switch on the lights” or “Hey Siri, adjust the temperature to 63” and it will be done.

In the winter season especially, this is the technology your guests would long for. Rather than leaving the warm blanket, they would turn the lights off with only dialogue. Nothing could feel more wholesome than this!

2. Smart keys and locks

To modernize your apartment altogether, you must install smart doors.

There are various smart door systems available in the market. But, the one that can be managed through voice control can be a plus. Or you can have a smart lock system installed on your door.

Whatever the case is, try to keep a virtual / E-key for your apartment. It will reduce the cases of forgetting or losing one. With this, guests can easily receive the key on their mobile devices and access the door.

A smart door can also be connected to the electric supply of the entire room. This way, when your guests leave the apartment, it would cut off the power inside, saving on electricity.

Operating a smart door gives the utmost feeling of security. It also makes the management part easy and handy for your guest.

3. Integrated management system

If you are operating a full-fledged aparthotel business, then managing it manually will not be a good idea.

According to your requirements, you must explore and install the right technology solutions to simplify operations and stand out in the industry.

Your aparthotel can use a booking engine to get bookings from your website, a channel manager to drive booking through online portals, and a review management system to handle your online identity card.

These technologies will help you cut on the tedious work and provide the best experience to your guest. It will also enhance your occupancy rate. 

You can explore the full suite of hospitality technology we provide here.

Automate Your Apartment Operations

4. Connected office furniture

Most people staying at aparthotels are working. They would be more than grateful for your apartment if you provide them with office furniture.

A dedicated space in their apartment to sit and get their work done. Besides chairs and tables, you can level up with connected electronic devices, for example, laptops, and headphones. 

It would leave a different level of an impression on your guests.

You can also add other accessories and general stationery to give a perfect zest to their working space.

5. AI-powered air conditioning

Furnishing your apartment from its very root is important.

Nowadays, air conditioners are available in every accommodation. So if you want to make your aparthotel stand out then make a shift to AI-powered air conditioners.

How does that work?

These air conditioners automatically adjust the temperature or fan speed, complementing the room temperature. So your guest does not have to fetch a remote every hour to do so. When the temperature is pleasant, the air conditioner switches off automatically, saving electricity.

This type of technology gives a pleasant stay to your guest and add up to their experience.

6. Voice assistance for room services

On your entire dashboard of smart functioning, the important one for aparthotels is voice assistance for room services.

Unlike hotels, aparthotels need a whole different level of expertise in the room service department. Your guests are there to stay for a long period and consequently need many more services.

So for every small thing, you do not want to make them call you. Instead, install smart voice-controlled service settings that let your guest ask for whatever they need. 

The AI-generated voice will answer about the status of that service to your guest. Meanwhile, it will also notify your staff of the guest’s request.  

You can also have a smart screen displaying various services you provide: laundry, sanitation, room supplies, and more. They can just tap on what they need to notify the specific department or person responsible. 

This can save your guest from getting hesitant of calling multiple times and avail of the best of your services.

7. Self-service technologies

No doubt, you must provide everything your guests ask, but they would also require a certain sense of privacy. 

To make them perform their personal affairs easily, you can lookout for endless technology for aparthotels. This can include, automatic laundry or steam iron machines, coffee makers, and other appliances for the kitchen.

Besides this, general things also count. Like clearing off their bills through online payment gateways without your personal intervention.

These amenities help your guest have a personal space. At the same time, it makes management easy and convenient.

How Can You Align These Technologies With Your Budget?

All these technologies mentioned above will come costly if you are still at the early stage of building a successful aparthotel. But there’s always a way out.

You can start with one thing at a time. Even minor changes and advancements are going to boost your image and revenue ultimately.

One more specific way is to furnish a few apartments first with all the necessary technology. Set their prices high accordingly. And when you get an upper hand at revenue through this, you can progress likewise with the other apartments.

Also, there are cost-effective ways available in the market for most of the things mentioned above. You can explore and go ahead with them.


Aparthotels are in rising demand because they provide a more private and wholesome experience to guests. 

We know that they have a higher occupancy rate because people use them for longer stays. But, now it is time to make your aparthotel genuinely appealing to a wider audience.

In this blog, I tried to introduce you to all the new and modern technology for aparthotels. These can change the entire experience you are now providing to your guests.

So consequently, installing these will have a positive impact on your brand image.

Let me know, what are your thoughts on this. If there’s anything I missed out on, do mention it in the comment section.

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