Hotel sales is one of the most daunting aspects, isn’t it?

Most sales professionals always find it frustrating when closing a lead takes forever.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Every hotel, irrespective of its shape and size, can speed up its sales cycle.

You just need to spare some time to understand your current process, implement certain steps, and voila!

I know…I know. It isn’t as easy as ABC! But it’s not something you can’t achieve.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic, understand everything about it, and come up with strategies to speed up your hotel sales cycle.

What Is a Hotel’s Sales Cycle?

Generally, a hotel sales cycle is a process of turning a lead into a guest. However, this process is repeatable and tactical and involves everything from the first touchpoint to building strong relationships with the guests.

To put it simply,

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“Following the passion” and “traveling the world”, these two things have a huge fan base.

But among these, there is only one winner.

Traveling it is, of course!

Just kidding. (Not really!)

Well, I didn’t know that traveling was winning in such a dramatic way till I recently talked with two of my colleagues, Shreeya and Harshajit.

They were exploring these beautiful accommodations on the internet and told me how they wanted to visit all these places to experience amazing stays there.

Now, I am an amateur when it comes to traveling (thanks to my parents), so I stayed quiet.

But I noticed one thing that was the highlight of their conversation – “Hostels are better than other accommodations! They provide real, raw, and a comfortable experience with the added magic of crazy fun.”

And I decided to dig into this remark a bit more. 

So here in this blog,

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The hospitality industry is at such a stage where technology is no more an associate, it’s the leading aspect.

With constant innovations, the industry is adopting every technology that can enhance business and offer great experiences to guests.

The hotel industry has lately turned to WhatsApp to streamline communications — both with the guests and among the staff.  And to a great extent, the messaging platform has done a tremendous job in delivering just that. 

Want to know how? Read on as we explore WhatsApp for Business and its impact on the hospitality industry.

WhatsApp’s Emergence in the Hotel Industry

If you’re like me, you probably can’t remember when was the last time you went without using WhatsApp, do you?

Every one of us uses WhatsApp on a daily basis. And just like me, you probably have sneaked a peek at least once in the last hour.

(I just kept

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The hospitality industry evolves rapidly, making it difficult for hotel businesses to keep abreast with the latest ongoings. 

Hotels that manage to keep a keen eye on the trends and happenings, always outplay their competitors and succeed. But keeping a tap on every aspect of the industry doesn’t seem possible.  

But again, you don’t have to know about everything. Even a certain number of hospitality industry statistics could help you ace your hoteliering game.

In this blog, I have listed some of the prominent insights from various aspects of the travel and hospitality industry.

I believe, these global hospitality industry statistics should definitely be on your radar if you want to take your hotel to the next level. 

Important Hospitality Statistics for Hoteliers to Keep In Mind

The key to success in the hotel industry is to continuously find different and new ways to deliver exceptional guest experiences. And for

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Imagine your flight landed late and you’ve already missed the first day of your vacation. To add to the disappointment, when you enter the hotel for check-in you found a scenario like this:

Two reception counters, handling four queues of guests. Only two people at the frontdesk handling this crowd. People are waiting in the seating area beside the frontdesk. A hotel staff member is assisting them with their check-ins on a digital pad. And you are standing there, hoping you could just get a room without going through all this.

Now imagine, if this hotel had a self-check-in kiosk. You could use it to enter your booking details, verify your ID, and make the payment, and there — “this is your keycard”, and you are simply done with the check-in. Looks like a dream?

Well, let’s make that true!

The hospitality industry is now stepping up and installing hotel

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